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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a problem solving process where you and the other person make decisions together with the help of a neutral third party.

What does the mediator do?

A mediator helps you and the other person work together to reach agreement. A mediator cannot give legal advice to either party.

Do I have to have a lawyer?

Since a mediator can’t give legal advice, it’s best to get legal advice before attending a mediation so you know what your rights and obligations are before you sit down together to come up with solutions. It is also helpful to have a lawyer review the agreement drafted as a result of the agreements reached at mediation.

Each mediation is different: sometimes lawyers attend the mediation and sometimes people come on their own.

I can help you find a lawyer who will support you in the mediation process.

How do I get a written agreement?

Either the mediator or your lawyer will draft a separation agreement reflecting what you have agreed to at the mediation.

An agreement reached at mediation is binding. It can be filed in court and enforceable just like a court order.

How much does it cost?

I charge $280 and hour for mediation and that cost is usually shared equally by the parties. The total cost of mediation depends on the time spent.

If I am interested, what should I do?

You can send me a message and ask to book a time for phone call to learn more about the mediation process and my availability.


Going through a separation and divorce is one of life’s most difficult challenges. I can help you understand how the law applies to your situation and guide you through the process for resolving your family law problems.

The resources below will give you some initial guidance and introduce you to rich sources of online information. Explore it on your own or let me help you.


The upheaval of divorce and separation has an enormous impact on children. There are different approaches to parenting after separation and different paths for arriving at a plan that is in the best interests of your children. I can help you find the solution that works best for your newly restructured family.

The resources below will introduce you to the basic laws related to parenting after separation and divorce. You will also find some help with parenting plans and resources for children and teens.


I can help you understand what child support obligations apply in your situation and work with you to make sure your children benefit from the ongoing support of both their parents, wherever possible.

Here are a few links to information about child support, as well as to child support calculators.


The law about spousal support can be uncertain and complicated. I can provide you with clear and understandable advice about how the law applies to your situation and how likely outcomes align with your expectations and goals. I can work with you to reach agreements or get court orders that resolve spousal support issues.

The resources below will give introduce you to the basic laws related to child spousal support and connect you with some basic support calculators.


The law provides a framework about how property and debts are to be divided after separation and divorce. Applying the law and coming to an agreement can be challenging. I can help you navigate the steps to reaching a fair division of property and debts.

Here are some resources that explain the basic law related to dividing property and debt after separation.


You may have heard of mediation, collaborative law, arbitration, and different courts. Figuring out the maze of family justice processes and services can be complicated. With my in-depth knowledge of family law processes and experience with creating easy to understand legal information, I can give you clear and concise information about the different options you have for resolving your family law issues. I can guide you to and through the process that will work for you.

These resources below will give you some basic information about some common tools for resolving family law problems.


If you are ready work toward reaching an agreement with your spouse or former spouse, I can help you come up with a clearly written and understandable agreement that suits your needs.

Here are some resources that can help you understand more about agreements.